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Linfen city in minqin insulation materials co., LTD

Linfen city in minqin insulation materials co., LTDIs located in shanxi linfen yao temple town jin village south of level crossing the geographical position is superior、Rich in natural gas energy、The transportation is convenient。We have advanced production equipment and strong technical force,Over the years,Has been committed to the r&d and production of perlite insulation materials,Our factory of perlite insulation material has super light、Heat insulation、Heat preservation、Sound insulation、Fire protection、High hydrophobic rate etc,Widely used in construction、Metallurgy、Cold storage、Coking、The oil、Electric power、Chemical industry、Food industry such as thermal insulation field,Energy saving effect is good、Prices are low、Construction is convenient。

My companyThe main products are perlite,Vitrified beads,Foam board,Extruded board,Hydrophobic perlite board,PerliteAnd undertake a variety of anti-corrosion insulation works,Polyurethane thermal insulation engineering,For psa tower….

My company to“The quality of high quality、The service is supreme”For the purpose of the enterprise,The good faith management、Pioneering spirit,Won the support and trust clients,The products sell well all over the country,And well received by users!Warmly welcome all customers to negotiate、Guidance。

Linfen city in minqin insulation materials co., LTD

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