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title="White Wells electronic science and technology(Zhuhai)Co., LTD">White Wells electronic science and technology(Zhuhai)Co., LTD

       White Wells electronic science and technology(Zhuhai)Electronic co., LTD. Is a Japanese white well industrial co., LTD(SHIRAI)Investment2Hundred million3In Hong Kong dollars2007Years1Month9In China, zhuhai jinwan district sanzao town set up a wholly owned subsidiary of large register,In order to research and development、Production、And sales produced a new type of electronic components、High precision of circuit board、Chip components and develop its related application products,Provides printed circuit board computer design and related technical services。The company annual production of multilayer printed circuit board design180Wan㎡,A phase of the design of printed circuit board90Wan㎡,And in2009Years8Month has gone into operation。Company existing staff1000Many people,Investment amount has exceeded6Hundred million2Tens of millions of dollars,With industry leading production equipment、Professional production management team,Products are exported to Japan、Southeast Asia、Europe、The United States and other countries and regions 。The company adhere to the customer for this,Contribute to society,Improve the lives of every employee level is the management idea,Ingenious for customers with quality products and services,Attaches great importance to the employees respect for human nature,To the best of social responsibility wins the trust of society,Get the customer、The height of the staff and social evaluation。Repeatedly won the zhuhai municipal government departments at all levels awarded the honorary title of advanced unit, etc。