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2011Years4On the company passed the conformity assessment in China national approval committee(CNAS)The ability of testing and calibration laboratory approval,Approval numberCNAS L5056。 The company throughCNASCalibration for recognition project mainly involves the electromagnetic、Radio、Time and frequency、The amount of geometry、The thermal、Mechanics、A total of chemistry7A field。Wireless integrated test instrument calibration、Adjust the torque、Heat treatment furnace temperature test、Anti-static detection, etc,The company's technical capabilities in a leading position in the country。Such as torque calibration,My company is the nation's first recognized the calibration range30000Nm。The project is currently only two LABS can reach across the country30000Nm。Heat treatment furnace temperature test is the most complete through heat treatment furnace test standard of the unit。Anti-static detection is passing on the national defense level of technical ability。

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