Customized design ability

Do logistics person worthy of respect

Enter the customer service platform

Powerful information system support

Powerful Information System Support

The goods must reach

Customer service platform

Online order inquiry、The delivery order,Alternatives to traditional phone SMS fax order form。Real-time tracking of goods location information,Full transparency makes the logistics business process,More secure、Efficient!Financial statements to replace the traditional artificial check pattern,A key export reconciliation statements,Convenient and reliable。The data analysis to help the owner enterprise and effective control of logistics cost。

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Transportation management system

Provide customer relationship management (CRM)、Inquiry management、The delivery management、The vehicle management、A number of basic functions such as financial management,Additional supportLBSPositioning、A vehicle traveling real-time tracking、Report the export、Statistics report、Points, rights management and so on many personalized features,Meet the needs of logistics enterprises one-stop service。The data analysis to help the owner enterprise and effective control of logistics cost。

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To the goods

Efficient car goods trading platform

“To the goods”Not only is a truck driver take single quotesAPP,Also provides the driver with the online upload the receipt、Online sign for it、A variety of convenient functions such as real-time withdrawal,For the majority of drivers to provide quality services。

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The main business

Main Business

· Logistics solution design and consulting

· The vehicle、LCL trucking

· Car free transport service

· Rail and sea(Danyang inland port)

· International cargo import and export services(By sea、Railway、Air freight)

· Export customs import customs clearance service

· Trailer customs declaration service

· Shipping booking service

· Bonded warehousing service

· Digital logistics solution design and consulting

· Logistics information software development and operations

Announcement of information

Announcement Information

Certificate of honor

Qualification Honor

Cooperation customers

Cooperative Client