Daqo group is a professional engaged in Electric、New sources of energy、rail traffi Industries such as the large enterprise groups

  • The electricity Gas

    In the field of electrical equipment,Daqo group provide for the customer220kVThe following GIS、In the low-voltage electrical equipment、Intelligent components、Bus bar、Transformer、Power system automation and system integration。

  • New sources of energy

    In the field of new energy,Daqo group has been built including polysilicon、Silicon wafers、The solar cell、Components、Internet access systems and photovoltaic power station construction, complete industrial chain。

  • rail traffi

    In the field of rail transit,Daqo group joint venture with Swiss plug snow dragon company cooperation,Introduces the world advanced dc switch technology,To provide clients with rail transit traction power supply equipment and system solutions。

Daqo group products are widely used in industries
Exported to the world80To many countries and regions

  • City power supply

  • The subway、Light rail

  • The electronics industry

  • Power plants

  • The airport

  • Building materials

  • Financial insurance

  • Automobile manufacturing

  • Commercial buildings

  • Petroleum chemical industry

  • Railway transportation

  • Rubber、Tires

  • Metallurgy

  • Medicine and health care

  • Post and telecommunications、Telecom