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    Haining handsome artisan machinery co., LTD
    Base is located in the flexible packaging haining,Company is mainly engaged in flexible packaging materials for the cutting and rewinding of high-grade high speed digital equipment research and development, production and sales。We are relying on professional and technical personnel and mature industry,To provide customers with more comprehensive comprehensive overall solution。Long-term commitment to product reliability and efficiency of research,Leading product technical performance and cost performance in China,Mainly in the face of flexible packaging industry and raw materials industry in high-end customers,And to undertake research and development of the special equipment。High-quality product quality、Stability of product performance、Leading technology and fast service response is handsome as mechanical unremitting pursuit and core power。Science and technology innovation is always our development source power,Intelligent,Systematic,Integration is the development direction of handsome artisan mechanical products system。Professional,Concentration,Focus on product,Bring a new experience for the customer。Handsome artisan machinery is willing to friends - cross the world,To work together with various heroes、Seek common development outline。
  • Profile:  Automatic cutting machine equipment technical requirements:Fully automatic high-speed cutting rewinding machine and by microcomputer10Inch touch screen control,After all of the data set on the display in advance,The machine automatically set to work。Double frequency conversion motor double frequency conversion control,A motor(11Kw)Control material conveying,Another machine......
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        • A、For the constant development of the new technology can make you reliable to efficiently deal with all kinds of different materials
          2、The face of bulk orders,Can always produce high quality products at high speed
          3、When deal with various small orders,Have the advantage of a rapid adjustment device
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