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    In the past30In the year,Companies continue to increase investment in research and development nonwoven machinery products and manufacturing process,Products of technological innovation and the upgrading of processing equipment。
    Our new development of nonwoven machinery has filled the gap of Chinese nonwoven machinery industry。

    Dragon products

    Needle-punching machine engineering
    Working width:2.2m-9m
    Acupuncture frequency:≤1600s/min
    Stitch density:2000-8000n/m
    FLL-BG118Type  Spunlaced nonwovens production line
    Wide work:2000/2500/3000/4200mm
    G products:30-80gsm   40-220gsm
    Speed       Degrees:Can reach80m/min   100m/min
    Web forms:Combing into the net+Crossover network
    FL-BG116Type  Resin/Hot-melt carpet production line
    Wide work:2200mm/2500mm
    G products:200-3000gsm
    Production       Can:1200/1500/2500kg/hr
    FL-C20Type  Carding machine
    Wide work:2500mm/3000mm/3800mm
    Structural form:Double cylinder/Double doffer/Roll
                     Double cylinder/Double doffer/
    High speed mixed and disorderly roll
    The network speed:Can reach100-120m/min
    FL-BG200Type  Density range such as the thickness of insulation blanket production line
    Shape dimension:1350-1850mm
    G products:200-4000gsm
    Production       Can:500kg/hrSingle head
                     800kg/hrDouble head
    FLL-BG115Type  Spunlaced nonwovens production line
    Wide work:2500mm/3800mm
    G products:30-80gsm
    Speed       Degrees:Can reach100m/min   130m/min

    Web forms:Comb+Network and high speed mixed and disorderly network
    Dragon non-woven
    Factory strength
    The company covers an area of8Million square meters,Net worth1.8Hundred million(Jn2500Thousands of dollars)。
    Enterprise honor
    Continuous21Years of gainsAAASuper credit enterprise,Nonwoven industry association in Asia,Vice director of China industrial textiles industry association,Through the enterpriseISO9001International certification enterprises。
    Team strength
    Our senior non-woven technology talents150People,The total employees350People。
    Product patent
    Company with many colleges and universities jointly established non-woven engineering technology research and development center,With more than a dozen invention and home-made innovative technology patents。

    2019In the exhibition information

    Name of the exhibition:China international exhibition of nonwoven materials and high-end BBS
    Time and place:2019Years6Month3-5Day,Shanghai multinational procurement conference and exhibition center
    The booth:C24
    Name of the exhibition:ITMA 2019 International textile machinery exhibition in Europe
    Time and place:2019Years6Month20-26Day,Barcelona, Spain international exhibition center
    The booth:
    Name of the exhibition:The first18The Shanghai international exhibition of nonwoven materials
    Time and place:2019Years12Month11Day-13Day,Shanghai world expo exhibition hall
    The booth:1F20

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    Recruitment information:

    1、Electrical engineer:Be familiar withEPLAN\IGESuch as software design,Familiar with SiemensPCL,Can the independent field debugging production line
    2、Quality inspection:Be familiar with machining knowledge,Bear hardships and stand hard work
    3、Inside/Foreign trade salesman:Good at communication,Outgoing personality

    Working place:Changshu follows jinyang west street125Number
    Contact phone number:13032522511

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    Contact us

    Contact dragon

    The guest Clothing: 0512-52587979
    Pass The true: 0512-52585176
    The ground The address: The pond town changshu city, jiangsu province follows jinyang west street125Number
    Mail Make up: 215539
    Net The address: http://www.wotufei.cn
    Mail Box: info@wotufei.cn

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